10 Best Websites to Syndicate your Marketing Content in 2016

Mar 09

Does your website carry great content, specifically created for your audience? If yes, then more people should have access to it, it is not the ‘only’ source to publish your message to. The best way of reaching new prospective customers is by syndicating your marketing content.

Syndication of marketing content involves sharing your content with other external sites.

Syndication sites will carry your content, but you will still be credited as the content creator. By this process, your content is accessed by more readers, across many devices, which, in turn, increases awareness about your company and ultimately will bring in additional traffic to your website.

Advertisers are becoming increasingly aware that their target audiences are now being found in unusual places, sites that have gained the interest of the very people that are interested their products or services. The decision of where to syndicate your content comes down to who are the target consumers of each site, and so you should look for communities that fit your goal.

Beginning with the top sites is certainly a great start, although they do have a wide demographic audience, so here are 10 of the most popular ones that will syndicate your marketing content to begin with.

  1. Facebook
    Its popularity makes it an ideal website to post your content. You can reach out to new customers and clients among its worldwide followers and post your content here.
  2. Twitter
    With around 300 million active users ranging from celebrity to product updates, your content here will certainly reach the demographic you are looking for.
  3. LinkedIn
    Posting your content on LinkedIn will not just be for B2B or recruitment, many businesses now are giving content directly to their, roughly 400 million, consumers on this site.
  4. Google+
    Out of the 2.2 billion users of Google, only about 0.5% are using Google+ and it’s future has been in debate for some time. However, syndication to this still significantly sized audience can be really effective as it connects to a broad range of committed and consistent users.  
  5. YouTube
    A billion content consumers visit each month as YouTube becomes an important informational resource to all demographics. The art of creating entertaining and informative videos to reach your audience is a skill that will bring in massive traffic to your website for many years to come.
  6. Tumblr
    Yahoo’s purchase of this microblogging social platform in 2013 certainly raised its profile and doubled its size now to possibly 600 million monthly users. Syndication of any of your content here is often used here to test new ideas and ones that work can go viral being shared with the main social media sites.
  7. Quora
    As the main surviving ‘answer’ site on the internet, Quora is the place to syndicate informative content to that fulfils the questions that your audience is likely to raise. You can take advantage of having its influential followers from various industries as the audience for its content.
  8. Vimeo
    Not as big as YouTube but still showing tremendous growth and audience reach for your syndicated content, Vimeo reports 25 million members enjoying 715 million views. The audience here has a higher percentage of professionals in comparison, with a cleaner interface, less video ‘fluff’, and no advertising inserted into the videos.
  9. iTunes
    As iPhones and iPads become popular, you are assured that many of the 800 million iTunes users can access your content as you syndicate the different forms of your chosen content to the iTunes store.
  10. Pinterest
    This is another website that allows you to showcase the marketing content of your website. With over 100 million active users that browse through photos and videos ‘pinned’, traffic for your interesting content can be easily found.


Delaying your decision right now with these sites is leaving the opportunity open to your competitors, and syndication gives you the leverage you need to make an impression on each audience with the content you already have.

With a regular and consistent approach to each platform, ensuring you engage your prospective audience with quality and informative content, you can build up multiple streams of qualified traffic to your website.

Dedication and persistence to this process, taking advantage of monitoring and analysing the particular audience needs of each site, and then providing high-value educative content that fulfils these needs will maximize your success.

Start sharing your content and take advantage of the influx of regular and targeted potential clients dropping in regularly to your website.

Do you have any questions about syndicating your content? Any issues that concern you?

Or perhaps you already have experience with any of these sites, what did you find worked? Or what process failed for you?

Are there any sites out there that we missed? Should we add them to our list for 2016 and why?