10 Content Distribution Channels You Need To Know

May 30

You often hear of content being king. But what use is that king if nobody even knows that it exists? For this very reason, content distribution channels exist. They make sure your voice is heard and let the world know that you exist. But you do wonder, on which platform should you rely?

Here are the 10 content distribution platforms that can change the way you market your content:

  1. Company Website and Blog – combined, these make the most powerful content distribution channel, with more than 80% people vouching for its effectiveness.
  2. Email Marketing – an effective email marketing strategy is considered one of the most important components of a successful campaign. It is also a very convenient way to deliver content to your target audience and lead them to your brand.
  3. Social Media – as much as social media marketing is lauded and utilized to distribute content, its effectiveness comes only after the company website and the email marketing strategy. However, this in no way undermines its reach. With platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Instagram, there is no dearth of sub-channels. However, it is imperative that you know which platform works best for your services or product. It may be a combination of 3 or just 1 that suits you best. Don’t spend extra time, energy and money on distributing content on every platform.
  4. Organic Search – through this channel, you are most likely to get responses that will have the maximum number of sales because these are people genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
  5. Paid Search – Organic search is good but a paid search is equally important. While it might bring some unwanted traffic, it will also be able to reach more people who are actually interested in what you are offering. Thus, it widens the horizon.
  6. Online Advertising – this channel is effective, but like a paid search, advertising costs. However, it gives your content access to a wide audience.
  7. Microsites – these modern, digital marketing tactics can help bring your content to the forefront. They are also more goal-oriented and have the ability to generate leads.
  8. Ebooks – this is another channel that is a more comprehensive form of content distribution. It can contain more detailed information. Moreover, usually websites allow ebook downloads after registration which means only those actually interested in the content will download it. This is also an excellent way to acquire email IDs to promote any future content via emails.
  9. Podcasts – this is a relatively new medium used for content distribution. It is more receptive since it is in audio and one of its main benefits is that unlike regular content, you can do other chores while listening to it. You do not have to concentrate on a page and read it which makes it very effective.
  10. Press Releases – this medium, though not new, has only recently taken the cyber world by storm. Its main purpose is to distribute content that can be made into news, for instance, the launch of a new product or introduction of services. Moreover, you can use an existing article to highlight certain services or products that you already offer.

With these distribution channels, your content will surely spread and reach a bigger audience.

Which content distribution channels have you been using? Share with us in the comments!