3D Printing & Content Marketing

Apr 27

This Cold Fusion video discusses the possibilities of 3D Printing, and you are invited to join me below for a conversation about how 3D Printing can play a role in your Content Marketing strategy.

Nothing may seem more disconnected from Content Marketing than 3D Printing, but it's use can add dimensionality and longevity to your content.  

Now sure, users must have a 3D Printer in order to add this functionality to your campaign but then again there is traction to be had simply by offering it. 

Even though not every prospect may have a 3D printer , the sheer opportunity to print out an element of your content adds a unique twist to what you're doing.  

But why else would you offer the ability to print out something from a CM campaign?  

And here I'd like to suggest that by adding a 3D Printer into your CM Campaign, you exponentially increase engagement while suddenly creating a whole new paradigm for additional possibilities such as gameifying your ​campaign. 

​Imagine taking a t-shirt company who spends $1600 a month in ad budget to produce t-shirt sales.  Then consider how adding a 3D Printing element to your Content Marketing Campaign can allow you to gameify it.