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Best Practice Guide To Content Marketing In ​2019


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Best Practice for Content Marketing in ​2019


SEO is so 2011. Social Media so 2013. Content Marketing is so last year.

In ​2019 we’ll see more consolidation between those disciplines as marketing leaders realize the overlap.


That is:

SEO today really is only possible through Content Marketing. And Social Media Marketing itself depends on content — that is targeted, liked, commented, followed and shared.

Content is truly King. And this year's joined-up approach involves the following general strategic workflow:

  1. Content creation.
  2. Amplify content (repurpose the core content into multiple new content assets).
  3. Amplify reach (syndication to various platforms for SEO and Social exposure).
  4. Amplify engagement (cross-promotion of those multiple assets on multiple platforms leading intelligently into viral traffic and demand generation).

Here’s the breakdown in brief:

Core Content Development

Content Amplification

​Reach Amplification

Amplify Engagement

Core Content Development

Your core brand messaging in the form of blogs, reports, interviews, white papers and so on. From there, we amplify in 3 stages.

Content Amplification


Each feature article your thought leaders write contains many insights that can be leveraged in various campaigns.

  • Repurposed as a blog series
  • Quotes extracted for social network updates
  • Narrated and produced as audio podcasts
  • Set to video footage or images and exported as video clips
  • Formatted into eBook content with images

There are many ways to repurpose your core content. One article can be turned into 20 content assets. Here’s a broad selection of the possibilities:

  • Blog Articles
  • EBooks
  • Audio- streaming and downloadable
  • Video- streaming and downloadable
  • PDF documents
  • Presentations & Slideshares
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Instructographics
  • Gifographics
  • Case Studies
  • Status Updates
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys
  • Forum Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Press Releases
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Email Content
  • Industry Specific Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Online AD Copy

Why is repurposing content so important?

By nature, the point of ‘repurposing’ content is to have a clear purpose for it. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing initiatives still are not clear enough on the purpose for the variety of content produced.

Choosing content types largely depends on the best channels for amplifying reach to your key audiences.

Reach Amplification

All marketing channels apply because content can be used across the full marketing mix:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Press
  • Website
  • Sponsorships
  • Events
  • Channel Partners
  • Display Advertising
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search

‘In’ or ‘Out’?

A popular view of marketing methods differentiates between ‘inbound marketing’ and ‘outbound marketing’.


Your audience discovers your content on 3rd party sites as they go about their browsing, and then clicks over to your site to find out more.


Directly invasive where you interrupt your audience with content they have not in some way requested by following, subscribing or searching. This includes most Paid Advertising.

Both work. Content marketing applies to both (as content is always needed). Inbound is the growing trend.

At KEY Difference Media, we choose a selection of syndication platforms that match the audience targeting of our clients.

  • If your niche likes visual content, we focus more on visual platforms such as video and images.
  • If your niche likes detailed and/or data rich content, we focus on slides, infographics and so on.
  • If your focus is country specific, we focus on region specific platforms.
  • If your target demographic is young, we focus on sites like Instagram or Vine. If your target is older, we focus on Pinterest, Twitter, and others as appropriate.

These can include:

Each profile is branded for the client with relevant content types added.

PR has a short-term impact. Paid Advertising benefits stop as soon as the ad budget is paused. But content syndication means that content can remain in hundreds of locations across the Internet in places that your audience will find them, during their natural web browsing.

The cumulative effect of content syndication to brand-owned profiles on 3rd party sites (such as Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare) is now far more powerful and more cost effective than most PR/Paid Advertising initiatives. Consistency is the key to content marketing success.

Amplify Engagement

Shareable journeys

The most exciting development in content marketing strategy is that brands are focusing more on intelligent content series, rather than just one-time content campaigns.

Content Upgrades

Enticing content can lead into offers for additional content that your visitor can access through an engagement device that converts the visitor into a lead, typically via opting in with their email address.

For example, a Top Destinations Travel article could offer a detailed review of each of the destinations listed.

Cross-platform promotion

For short-term quick wins, most businesses wants to get all traffic they can to their site. For long-term cumulative strategy we focus on being visible "everywhere" with "multiple touch points" across platforms.

Sending a youtube visitor to like Facebook/Twitter page is common, but sending a Facebook visitor to SoundCloud podcasts, SlideShare slides, is under utilized.

Incredible brand depth is demonstrated very easily when your audience sees that you have an established presence on multiple platforms. Sharing your Pinterest updates on your Twitter account, as one example, helps strengthen brand preference and grow your audience on both platforms.

This cross-promotion of platforms is essential to grow your audience in those platforms and significantly increase brand preference.

Your audience learns to notice your updates everywhere they have an account.

This approach allows any brand to completely dominate the competitive landscape of your market in ​2019 and beyond.


The cost benefit ratio of retargeting is very attractive. Once someone engages with your brand by clicking a link, they have shown some level of interest. Retargeting them with display adverts that ‘follow them around the Internet’ may seem controversial, but it can be done strategically to add great value, build credibility and nurture brand preference. It often shows the highest ROI of any digital marketing initiative and providing you have the right content, setting up a retargeting campaign can be fast.


Make Best Use Of Time & Budget 

Let us know what you're hoping to achieve through content marketing this year and we'll prepare an insightful and hopefully irresistible proposal for you. 

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