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Best Practice Guide To Content Marketing In ​2019


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Here's Why Content Amplification Trumps Social Marketing or Pay-Per-Click

Everyone loves clear and demonstrable ROI...

That’s why we include Paid Advertising in our own growth strategy — because we can track individual campaign ROI down to the nearest penny.

However, the market opportunity is far broader than any Paid Ad strategy could ever hope to fill.

And without broader online presence that demonstrates brand depth and engagement, people online quickly become blind to superficial advertising strategy.

ROI in terms of Content Marketing is measured through a variety of metrics that paint the big picture of performance from Net Promoter Score to a social marketing measure known as Klout Score (recommended and available free at www.klout.com).

Here at KDM, we work with each client to decide on the very best strategy for measuring the content marketing services we provide.

This often includes such areas as:

  • Online Reputation Management benefit - measured by positive results dominating brand searches on Google
  • Search Engine Domination benefit, measured by Google rankings compared to competition
  • Being everywhere benefit, measured by number of traffic referral sources and cross-platform engagement

The Kiss Of Death for Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing has a compounding effect that is not measured by simple metrics such as uplift in traffic, or increase in social followers.

Some Directors or Marketing Managers take the attitude of ‘let’s start small and see how it goes, and then scale up from there’.

KDM has in the past taken on such clients with the same commitment to create results and then up-sell them into our more complete service packages.

Unfortunately, we discovered that while five core content items can be repurposed into 100 new digital assets, this barely represents 0.01% of the total output that comes in ONE Hour from competitive industries such as the dating niche or forex trading, and many others.

Content Marketing for success is a commitment.

Here are 10 Top Warnings from our CEO born of 10-years experience in the trenches of content marketing:

  1. 100 assets in either the Forex or Dating niche represents less than 0.01% of total content published EVERY HOUR in that industry. To get noticed, you need to persist. Your stamina will be proportional to your reach. (A $497 investment will establish a business in 20 platforms, $3997 will get them on 60+ platforms. Compounded growth can be multiple times higher from incremental increases in budget commitment.)
  2. Starting from zero audience is the most difficult phase of building up a following. Why? Because you have no fans to share your content to their network. Expect results to accelerate as your engagement grows. 
  3. Achieving just one viral piece of content can see instant and massive traffic gains. The goal should be creating ‘shareable journey’s or ‘viral stories’ that get shared. Then larger media publishers can pick up on the story.
  4. A small audience does not translate into much traffic unless they are a hungry market eager for engagement like our WestMusic or WingGirl case studies. Find something your audience is passionate about, and they will share your content far and wide. 
  5. In most cases, the number of followers a brand has are just numbers without significant business benefit. It’s better to have less followers with greater engagement, as the content will be shared and your audience will be responsive to your offers.
  6. When directing traffic to other networks and building audiences across platforms, metrics besides site visits must be considered as today's funnels are multi-touch. 
  7. Search engine indexing is fast (60 days from start, niches can have presence for brand keywords and long tails, but unless they have a consistent content schedule, growth will be sputter along).
  8. In many cases, a business DOES NOT have engagement friendly content and need to start with content creation strategy before launching content syndication.
  9. Say a business goes for our Bronze plan; they cannot compare their results with out Platinum plan. In reality, the Bronze plan will be 5-8 times slower. The result that the bigger service package gets will be achieved by the smaller one AFTER 6 months. So the comparison again is based on how much content is put out there. 
  10. Branding benefits of content marketing is best seen based on user’s return ratio. How many times does the same user come back to visit the site? With WingGirl, we saw revisits equal new users which meant almost every new visitor came back to the site at least once — a super success. 

At KDM, our focus is repurposing our clients' existing high value content and syndicating that intelligently across the net for demonstrable improvements across appropriate metrics.

In addition, the measurement window can’t operate in days or weeks like direct response traffic. It must operate in months since each content piece pulls branding/exposure and long-term passive traffic.

The value is in the branding, internet wide exposure, organic searches in top tier accounts, passive traffic long term from those sources, and the increased perceived authority from being everywhere.

Our premium services include Display and Native Advertising, retargeting to create the “everywhere” effect … and contribute to gaining press exposure and bumps in traffic by gaining the support and coverage of top niche influencers.

Check-List for Content Marketing Performance Metrics

Your content marketing goals will depend on the nature of your business, the degree of competition, your customers buying process (whether long or short), and your level of investment.

The most helpful way to view content marketing performance at Director-level is to divide measurements into the following three groups and hold your marketing team accountable to report on all three areas for every marketing program.

  • Traffic Metrics
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Revenue Metrics

Revenue Metrics

Cost Per Action (CPA) - The action may relate to lead generation (cost per lead) or a sale (cost per sale, often called customer acquisition cost). It can also refer to deeper engagement with your brand by a visitor clicking a ‘find out more’ link and visiting a core business page.

Other popular metrics you may want to track include Average Order Value, Lifetime Customer Value, and even Revenue Per Visitor or Earnings Per Click.

Earnings Per Click lets you see how valuable a click is from different sources of traffic, which can then be compared to the Cost Of Syndication or Advertising.

We find that your EPC becomes lower over time through an intelligent and ongoing content marketing strategy, because of the longevity and synergy of strategic content marketing.

Time To Sale and Touchpoints To Sale can also be very insightful. That is, how long does it takes for customers to buy once they engage? And how many touchpoints do they typically need before they are ready to buy?

We find that the best performing content marketing often comes from retargeting to newly engaged visitors that initially discovered our client through social platforms.

Content Marketing Checklist

ROI is now easy to measure too, and even possible down to the penny.

There are readily available tools for measuring detailed ROI metrics. They can track and automatically calculate Cost Per Action metrics as well as ROI for every individual source of traffic that you wish to monitor.

However, there is a trade-off because it takes time for your team to set up individual tracking links.

The business decision to make here is about how granular you want ROI metrics to be. Many companies opt for overall ROI metrics on Social and SEO traffic sources, while focusing on fully detailed reporting for all Paid Advertising sources, even down to the individual keywords per traffic source per demographic (surprisingly not too hard to achieve).

Make Best Use Of Time & Budget 

Let us know what you're hoping to achieve through content marketing this year and we'll prepare an insightful and hopefully irresistible proposal for you. 

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