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Best Practice Guide To Content Marketing In ​2019


Part 3 of 3

Directors need insight and options. The following key questions will help position you as an authority of content marketing strategy within your marketing team.

It may not be your job to know the answers to all of these questions. Your agency or your staff should be able to provide you with clarity and options from which you can confidently choose and direct your content marketing strategy for ​2019 and beyond.


The following questions are based on years of content marketing management for clients in various industries, as per our case studies page.

Key Questions To Ask About Your Current Strategy

  • What percentage of our time/resource/budget are we investing on each of the 3 parts of content marketing (content, reach and engagement)?
  • What are the best platforms to add our content to?
  • How much budget should be allocated to content marketing?
  • How is content marketing budget allocation different for different sizes of business?
  • How can content marketing benefit our SEO and social marketing?
  • What best practice workflows can we follow for content marketing?
  • How fast can content marketing add to our marketing performance?
  • What should we measure?
  • Is there a best practice briefing document template my team can use for content marketing projects?
  • Do I need different content marketing plans for different stages of the customer buying process? (Not in market, stimulated, problem definition, options, evaluation, preference, final selection, acquisition). What does that look like?
  • Which content assets work best for early, mid, and late stages of our customer buying cycle?
  • What is our vision for content marketing in ​2019?
  • How can we use content marketing for different business goals?

Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

Lead Generation & Sales

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Opportunity Development & Lead Nurture

Website Traffic & Engagement

The old cliche rings true. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Knowing what you want to achieve and can achieve through content marketing will help bring together all aspects of a mature marketing plan suitable for ​2019’s online environment.

Engage the content marketing elephant one step at a time by using a 5-phase management structure as follows:


Phase 1

Establish Presence

Phase 2

Build A Schedule

Phase 3

Maintain Consistency

Phase 4

Measure Engagement

Phase 5

Optimize For Performance

Speak to KDM about your current situation for a bespoke proposal that will help you achieve your marketing goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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James Craddock is a self-proclaimed Revenue Strategist, Content Marketer and Story Engineer with exciting approaches to networking, business development, marketing, PR, business funding and sales. James also operates from a robust technical background including database design, data analysis, web design, and engineering at both levels of design and troubleshooting.

Though a force to be reckoned with, James operates with humility and passion for others; and I quote: “To whom much is given, much is required and for the privilege to serve; I am most blessed.”

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