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Is Content Marketing Producing a Ton of Work For You With Minimal Return? Take a look at how we have helped our clients Dominate the web with their existing Content and increase sales up to 300%

Case Study # 1

Feed A Starving Crowd

Marketing and Startup Agency, Australia

The Challenge:

Robert Coorey, Founder, wanted a strong branding & PR campaign as a new author for his first book release.

This would feed traffic into the existing sales funnel including: a book at $9 as a front end offer, online training for $995 and “done for you” services at $10,000/month.

The Strategy

Amplify Content

Re-purposing current high value content into multiple forms of digital assets.

Starting with 4 “raw assets” (the book, facebook posts and 2 videos) we created 187 new unique content assets.

Amplify Reach

We established 84 Tier 1 platforms and posted over 3100 keyword rich content items over a defined schedule across that branded distribution network of high-trafficked sites across the web. All of which continue to pull traffic for our client today.

Amplify Engagement

We also generated a surprising number of site revisits using our retargeting ads which resulted in higher lead conversion and sales enquiries.

The Results

Brand Engagement

Our amplification campaign generated over 3.6 million impressions and 12,490 new website visitors.

The value to the client comes from broad market exposure, including organic searches in top tier accounts, long-term passive traffic from those sources, and the increased authority from being visible ‘everywhere’.

Brand Authority

As a further result of our branding amplification, Robert has received interview requests from top blogs, radio hosts and reviewers.

This project has also led to a tight-knit and closely bonded online community and fan-base for the business which is clearly seen in their Facebook group and other networks.

More About Feed A Starving Crowd

  • Recommended by Brian Tracy, Author of Unlimited Sales Success
  • Recommended by Vishen Lakhiani, Founder & CEO, Mindvalley
  • And by many others like David Perry, John Kremer, Benjamin Simkin, etc.
  • Won the RJEF Awards for “The Best Book of All Time”

Case Study # 2

Bitcoin Casino 4U

Online Casino, Startup, Bitcoin in Malta

The Challenge:

Bitcoin Casino 4U provides online casino services using bitcoin transactions.

The goals of our amplification campaign were multiple:

  • Online Casino players were not accustomed to using a Bitcoin Casino which is relatively new and not yet understood by the majority of online casino players.
  • Players trust established casinos. New casinos often fail due to a lack of perceived credibility within the highly sophisticated online gambling community.
  • Bitcoin Casino 4U needed to attract investors for part equity in a short time.

To accomplish these goals it not only needed a normal content marketing campaign, but one that would build brand credibility and drive traffic from all relevant sources including search engines and social networks that are frequented by the target audience.

KDM was able to build our credibility and attracted enthusiastic gamers from all relevant sources in the Internet. Repurposing really works!

We are no longer branded as a newbie. Their campaign has placed us in the social media limelight which attracted the high rollers for our bitcoin casino.

Gio Paticchio
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Strategy

In this aggressively competitive niche and very volatile industry, the client needed a breakthrough campaign to achieve all desired results.

Amplify Content

The client was so new that they literally had no content for us to work from. We began by writing new highly-engaging feature content for the blog.

From that initial content we created 1050 various types of re-purposed assets for content marketing and began a monthly schedule of 100 new content assets per month for the blog, social media and newsletters.

Amplify Reach

We selected 55 appropriate distribution channels and submitted platform specific content that resulted in 8,400 live asset locations.

Amplify Engagement

By focusing on what the regular casino player enjoys reading about, within the context of the bitcoin revolution, we produced newsworthy content that created reactions and discussion within the community.

The Results

Brand Authority

Bitcoin Casino 4U was quickly established as thought leaders in the industry spearheading the bitcoin casino revolution.

Being at the forefront of industry news, they attracted players as the default trusted casino for bitcoin. Through their visible thought leadership and leveraged brand credibility they quickly passed the hurdle of being a “new casino”.

Brand Engagement

This campaign helped them dominate search and social media, effectively giving them a limelight against their highly funded and strong competitors.

  • Ranked between 1st and 2nd place on page 1 in Yahoo & Bing and in the top 5 in Google in a very short period of time - even before their casino was officially launched.
  • Dominated first 2-3 pages in Google web, image and video search along with dozens of other platforms.

Strategic Buyout

100% equity of the business was bought off by a top player in the same industry to avoid competition for their brand. Their users were migrated to the investor’s casino.

More About Bitcoin Casino 4U

  • First licensed bitcoin casino
  • 15+ years of experience in casino industry
  • 6 figure funded startup
  • Lean team

Case Study # 3

Wing Girl Method

Dating coach for men, US

The Challenge:

Traffic and sales were declining fast, down by 70% in a few short months.

The business was in trouble and they could not figure out the cause of such a rapid loss in business.

They had 500+ articles and a large content library, but the users were hungry for more. Most users had bought 2-3 products, but no new products were in the pipeline.

Existing social media posts saw hardly any engagement at all, despite weekly blog articles and a weekly podcast episode.

Conversion rates and subscriber rates had reduced and despite a large and previously loyal fan base, unsubscribes were increasing.

Mr. KEY is KEY to any business success ;). I was freaking out about the rapid decline of traffic on my site and didn't know what to do or how to stop it. Within days Mr. Key was not only able to stop it. He was able to completely reverse it. In 10 days my Facebook activity is up, my traffic is up and my site has been updated and optimized. Amazing work!

Marni, The Wing Girl
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Strategy

Amplify Content

  • We selected 35 existing high quality content items for amplification.
  • Out of that we produced 613 repurposed new assets. Given the audience's general preference for visual content we focused on images and video.
  • We also helped reduce the length of the Video Sales Letter by removing redundant areas which helped increase conversions.

Amplify Reach

  • First, we created accounts on 60 suitable platforms for the target audience of younger males and created 5,514 active links that fed both SEO goals as well as social content syndication.
  • Second, the website had been worked on by several “SEO and optimization consultants” :) which had resulted in a very messy back-end with problems in coding, theme, traffic leaks and dysfunctional analytics, all of which we fixed. All in all, we reoptimized close to 900 pages, including adding social media tags and search engine tags.

Amplify Engagement

  • Stopped the traffic leaks by improving the content on pages that saw high traffic abandon rate.
  • Built a survey campaign to understand the needs and interest of the audience
  • Initiated a new product launch campaign in preparation for the release of the new product to prime the audience while adding value and keeping them engaged with the brand.
  • Reviewed the email nurture campaigns to increase brand preference and reduce unsubscribes.

The Results

Traffic soon raised up to the levels seen before the 70% drop. Revenues climbed back to normal and then increased by 51%. The business is more profitable than ever before and has a successful blueprint for the future.

Repurposing existing content and syndicating to the 60 branded social accounts we created raised social engagement instantly and brought Wing Girl Method back into steady profitability within the first week of our campaign launch.

By introducing a lot more visual content, Wing Girl Method saw an instant, huge spike in traffic and sales. Before long the campaign led to significant niche domination from Google web search, image search, video search, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare, SoundCloud, etc. for 10,000+ long tails and many primary keywords, which increased organic traffic drastically. Facebook had a 101.5% increase in engagement week after week.

More About Wing Girl Method

  • Best Selling Author, Host of the Ask Women Podcast and Ultimate ‘Wing Girl’ to thousands of men around the world.
  • Sells different info-products from ebooks to membership sites to personal coaching.
  • ​Spent 10 years helping men (and now women) meet, attract and understand each other through her top-rated blog.
  • Worked with 10,000+ clients in the last 10 years.
  • Contributing writer for, Get the Five, The Huffington Post, etc.
  • Awarded best dating vlog in 2013 by Best Dating Sites Inc.

Case Study # 4

Carrot Stix

Market Leader in Fishing Rods, Manufacturer in US

The Challenge:

Carrot Stix had a meltdown due to operational problems leading to a recall of defective products. Carrot Stix needed to recover from its poor reputation among over 500,000 professional and amateur anglers and restore the standards it had previously received respect for.

The goals of our amplification campaign were multiple:

  • Carrot Stix needed to regain its past reputation as an industry leader by effectively advertising its new line of innovative products to an exclusive targeted community.
  • Carrot Stix needed to attract well-known anglers to try its innovative products and once more, win awards.

​To accomplish these goals, it needed not only a normal content marketing campaign, but one that would rebuild brand credibility and drive traffic from all relevant sources including search engines and social networks that are frequented by the target audience.

Running a media campaign is quite daunting without the right key. This is where Mr. KEY of Key Difference Media jumped in to provide tons of value through high-end content marketing. This practice has gotten us a high 126% return on investment and allowed my marketing team to widen our vertical focus. Kudos to Mr. KEY and his KDM team - here's to our mutual success!

Jimmy Davlouros, CEO
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Strategy

Amplify Content

5 assets were selected from the site and repurposed into 88 assets.

    Amplify Reach

    The target audience was identified and 50 distribution channels were selected to reach them. We then submitted platform specific content that resulted in 613 live asset locations.

    Amplify Engagement

    Strategic Social Campaign was executed to explain facts and renewed business strength to the target audience. The bad reputation actually helped fuel speculation on the new products.

    The Results

    Brand Engagement

    With the broad KDM campaign strategy, Carrot Stix became noticeable for its new innovations by the close-knit online community once again, including anglers and brands throughout the fishing industry supply chain.

    Brand Authority

    The brand activity attracted reputable and award-winning anglers who were encouraged to try out Carrot Stix’s improved products. The business overtime has improved in all areas and started winning awards once again! Carrot Stix has re-established itself as a market leader.

    More About Carrot Stix

    • Managed by a Fortune 500 international company for supply chain.
    • In 2007 ICAST show won three Best Of Show Winning category awards
    • Since 2007 Carrot Stix Rods have won more than 47 Awards including Best Product of the Year several years in a row, Most Innovative Product
    • With Offices in Canada and the United States, Carrot Stix caters to countries all over the world.
    • Has won the respect of over 500,000 professional and amateur anglers.

    Case Study # 5

    Voucher Codes King

    Coupon Sharing, Startup in UK

    The Challenge:

    As a startup, Voucher Codes King needed a foundation of social proof when someone searches for them online. The goals of our amplification campaign were:

    • ​Boost credibility among consumers and retailers alike.
    • Distinguish the brand among similar competitors who were favored by consumers/retailers.
    • Attract the target audience through a lower cost of acquisition per consumer than established competitors were able to achieve.

    ​The client needed a breakthrough in results.

    Our plan was simple - get top ranking in all Internet searches by building a strong base - but we knew little about actual processes. Mr. KEY led us straight down this path by doing magic with our best content via many distribution channels inclusive of social media. Without Key Difference, we could not have hit our earlier goals upon which we built our business.

    Ramiz Ogur, CEO
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    The Strategy

    Amplify Content

    We had zero content to begin with; we wrote 5 new highly-engaging features for the blog. From that initial content, we created 88 various types of re-purposed assets for content marketing.

    Amplify Reach

    20 selected distribution channels quickly led to 263 Total Asset Live Locations. We sustained a regular schedule of specific content distribution per month for the blog, social media and newsletters.

    Amplify Engagement

    By focusing on what retail consumers enjoy reading within the context of coupon sharing, we produced newsworthy content that created positive reaction and lively discussion within the community.

    The Results

    Brand Engagement

    With its engaging and widely distributed content, Voucher Codes King attracted retailers and consumers alike. Leveraging its multiple networks, it quickly passed the hurdle of being a “newbie” in the industry.

    Brand Authority

    This campaign helped Voucher Codes King dominate search and social media, effectively giving them a limelight against their more established competitors. The business received the gentle kick-start they expected to gain from content marketing. The business grew on top of the brand awareness that we had created.

    More About Voucher Codes King

    • Voucher Codes King eventually distinguished itself among online retailers who needed to advertise a voucher or other banner advert on the Internet.
    • Today, with a profit margin of more than 50%, Voucher Codes King remains one of the most popular discount websites in the UK.

    Case Study # 6

    Online Casino Chain & Technology Provider

    Online Casino, Startup in Malta

    The Challenge:

    The client needed a three-pronged campaign to solve three business challenges:

    • Consolidate marketing for their networked casinos.
    • Leverage their widely licensed state-of-art technology to gain headway among highly-funded competitors.
    • Raise investment for their patented backend technology which they whitelabel to other new casino startups.

    Finally, I found the best fit for my casino network - Key Difference Media! Translate that in $$$$$ in gamers’ monies and you will soon make the beeline to KDM’s office. Wanna bet on this? Seriously, I will heartily endorse KDM for other operators needing the "numbers" boost.

    Thomas G, Managing Director.
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    The Strategy

    KDM devised a complex content strategy after understanding the mindset of the players and new casino owners. We had to keep in mind the concerns and objectives of multiple stakeholders (clients) of our client. Our approach involved a moderate content marketing campaign for each of the online casino brands.

    Amplify Content

    Starting from zero existing content suitable for content marketing, we created 100 highly engaging content items per month for use across their brand portfolio. From that content library, items were selected for further content repurposing.

    Amplify Reach

    Our three-pronged campaign consisted of the following activities:

    • KDM created an online casino affiliate site to compare, rate and review all casinos in the industry.
    • We worked with an external agency to fairly rate competitors as well as our client’s brands.
    • We featured our clients through the ad segment of the affiliate site.

    Amplify Engagement

    • We used a very aggressive content marketing strategy for the affiliate site, designed to drive the majority of its traffic to the different client-owned online casino brands.

    The Results

    Brand’s Enhanced Profitability

    Revenues were generated mainly through the following:

    • Players trust the brand based on the technology that backs it up. Backup technology used by casinos are considered “modern” and “fair”. This led to increased sales for the backend technology business.
    • The affiliate site also opened up a new revenue channel for the business. Premium pricing was possible within 2 months of launch. The premium advertisers were other competitor online casino brands.
    • The business created many revenue chains in the form of newsletter ads, rotating ads, selling leads, etc.
    • Profits increased across the portfolio.

    Brand Engagement

    The affiliate site brought highly qualified leads and traffic to the casino brand sites.

    ​Brand reputation in the industry increased across the entire portfolio of casino sites.

    ​Natural search traffic also increased as a result of the broad content distribution.

    ​The casino brands featured backend technology using the “Powered by ____” sign in the footer which was predominantly checked by players and other casino competitors or startups.

    Business Buyout

    Moderate content marketing was executed for the basic branding and social proof of their backend technology product. This resulted in an eight-figure buyout of the technology product along with the chains of online casinos and affiliate site.

    More About The Online Casino Chain

    With our campaign strategy, this online casino chain had successfully spurred three income-generating centers:

    • Deposits of online players from their networked casinos.
    • White labelled sales of their backend technology for new casinos.
    • Ads from other casinos to feature them in the affiliate site.

    Needless to say, this establishment was able to meet the investment cost for their patented backend technology which they whitelabel to other new casino startups. This becomes a win-win campaign for all stakeholders.

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