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How Can We Help Your Nonprofit?

As with many people, we at KEY Difference Media (KDM) want a chance to help change the world for the better. We simply believe in empowering each person with the necessary tools and environment to realize their highest potential. So, we empower the causes we align with for the good of humanity because to serve is to love, and the world can always use a little more love.

This is why we have an interest in serving Non-profit organizations. Since most nonprofits struggle with funds to keep their program afloat, we step in to assist with growing the organization. With this mindset, we can change the world positively in the process.

How We Generate Opportunities

To provide the infrastructure vital to building the nonprofit organization the right way, we take the following simple but effective steps:

  • Create basic Landing Pages and Marketing Automation.
  • Acquire a Google Ad Grant of $120,000/year.
  • As the nonprofit isn’t putting in any money, no time is spent on their part, we set up everything.
  • We sell KDM services and all the proceeds go toward your nonprofit.
  • Once the organization has enough revenue to run their own campaign or finds a for-profit to assist them - there is absolutely no obligation to stay with KDM, however, once we reach this stage, we have way more to offer in order to skyrocket your growth.

Who Our Strategy Helps NOW

We’ve helped several nonprofit organizations get on their feet, but here are two programs with which we continue to assist:

Our drive to empower the core of each person we connect with is so powerful that we have built an entire ecosystem around not only empowering our own lives, but also a way to replicate that power in the lives of everyone we meet, regardless of where they are in their walk of life.

How Your Nonprofit Can Approach KDM

If you feel that KDM is the right choice for your nonprofit, then contacting us is as easy as filling out the form below. We can’t wait to start helping you grow your organization!

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