How Coaches, Speakers and Consultants Maximize Their Audience In Minimum Time With Content Marketing

Experts that work through direct personal interaction are torn between:

Marketing Online

Focusing on person-to-person networking

Sure, online marketing means a big audience. But without that personal touch, true engagement can be difficult to achieve.

Through a unique approach to content marketing, it no longer has to be either-or.

Men’s Dating Coach Marni from has seen the rapid benefit of a well crafted content campaign, and it took her almost no time away from client work at all — freeing her up to network, coach and win new referrals.


Download The KEY Difference Media Content For Coaches Check-List for a list of content types that

The approach involves three elements that allow followers, fans and potential clients to welcome your coaching insights and help spread your message through social media for leveraged audience growth.

Element 1: Content

Advertising has such a short-term effect, where as content published in the right places can bring a steady stream of clients for years to come.

The KDM strategy check-list provides a list of top content types with tips on how to get them produced to a high standard without relying on expensive brand agencies.

The bottom line of content marketing for coaches is to put your personality into it. No one needs ‘information’ anymore. We all need ‘transformation’. And being the voice of that transformation for the right audience through regular easy-to-produce content gives you the leverage of a personal relationship coupled with the large available audience online.

Element 2: Reach

It’s one thing having content but a whole different ball game getting it seen by the right audience. Fortunately, your outreach can be super-streamlined for easy execution taking just minutes per day.

Our simple strategy check-list provides a desk reference that you can rely on.

The key here is a mix of both volume and consistency. Coaching and consultants appreciate better than anyone else the importance of not trying to do everything by yourself in a haphazard unfocused way. The time-value gained by having a clear workflow involving the right tools, resources and expertise allowed Marni to achieve the following remarkable results.

Element 3: Engagement

Finally, a significant puzzle-piece to prospecting online that many coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers and authors miss is real audience engagement.

Marketing online is not about ‘publicity’ or ‘branding’ or ‘SEO’ or any other such idea that distracts us from what truly counts. Engagement is a big word. In essence we’re talking about conversation.

First, does your content lend itself to interaction? Does it highlight the personal story, challenge or aspirations of your audience in a simple yet unique enough way that followers and fans happily share your content with their network, add comments, and click through to find out more about your services?

This can all be achieved by the way you build conversation into your content marketing.

Speak to us about your current situation and chances are we can amplify your success online just like we did for Marni and other experts who need to reach a personal audience online.

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