You are one step away from DOMINATING

your niche and being found "Everywhere"

James is a master of his craft.

The depth of his knowledge in marketing & business development can't be overstated. I put him in the category with many of the masters in development. I highly suggest you surround yourself with assets such as James & KDM.

- Chris Howlett (Business Development Coach)

This stuff is mind-blowing James.

You've done so much with what you've had to work with. This will will evolve into a spectacular platform. I really believe we have the pieces coming together to build a grand enterprise. Thank you for all of this and for teaming up with me to help carry this down the field. Let's get that touchdown.

- Brooks Anderson (President, Artifact Timber Company LLC)

Holy cow!

You are the real deal Mr. Craddock.

- Rod Smith (Cofounder Helping Hands For Freedom)

I have the highest respect for James and for the work he does.

James Craddock is an inventor. A tirelessly creative inventor of new models designed to help us experience a greater understanding of our own inner workings as human beings and the world around us…I have the highest respect for James and for the work he does. I highly encourage you to read his book. It may very well change your life forever.

- Steven Memel (Hollywood Voice & Presence Coach)

Amazing creativity and laser-like focus.

Having worked with James Craddock on product development, from concept to fruition, I can attest to his amazing creativity and laser-like focus.

- Steven Hartov (New York Times Best-Selling Author

Perfect Rainmaker!

Stick with James, he's a Rainmaker.

- David T. Fagan (Co-Author of "Guerrilla Rainmakers" with Jay Conrad Levinson)

This is life changing stuff!

The indomitable James got right in my face, relentlessly going after the bottom line transformation I bring to the world. He was kind, in that way that says “I’m not letting up until you friggin’ get this!”

He helped me get clear that I create profits and improve ROI (return on investment.)

I hadn’t “gotten” that and boy do I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me to figure out your bottom line transformation!

I knew he was on track when I thought I would throw up, my Fear Gremlin was having a heyday, my stomach was rolling and I couldn't stop crying and dancing around the house at the same time.

This is life changing stuff!

It wasn’t comfortable. Can’t say it was “fun” but boy oh boy, was it a gift beyond measure.

Talk about life changing!

- “MamaRed” Jerilynne Knight (Legally Lazy Business Owner and Repurposing Guru)

Thank youuu!

I was very impressed by your company-- I sensed a high level of integrity...

- Christin N Hunt (Hunt Vocal Talent)


The energy that James brings to our business is astounding!

- Dr. Tare (Chiropractor Gilbert, AZ)

It's a personal promise to give you all the best in the world that you truly deserve.

James Craddock