How to Procure More Content in Less Time

May 05

As a provider of Content Marketing services, I often encounter this question with clients: Is there any method or a procedure by which one could procure more content in less time?

There are countless ways to expedite the creation of content. The problem is, the content we speed create is only valuable when integrated tightly with a larger strategy. And even then, we are talking of some pretty sophisticated and ongoing optimization to get it to dial-in.

Our content is world class and it still takes at least $5000 a month which generates almost 5000 backlinks, in order for a company to move the dial with content.

Now imagine the efficiency needed on the backend to recoup that budget. Customers who have the most success are pushing $20,000 a month in content repurposing and distribution. So, what I like to do is deploy a strategy of auto-content creation.

What you do, if you set up a retrieval process which could be as simple as an email address or filtering your own email, is to allow people to submit content to you.  If you can spend a little money and allow someone like us, or in-house, to build a nice interface where videos can be uploaded as well, that enhances this. Then, what you do is you create a subject matter that you want to blog about.

Now, you need to take each major subject matter and find a group of people whom you could stimulate and who would anxiously feed your content funnel. Let’s say your blog is going to be about how plastic is leading the green revolution.

Okay, number one, you want your blog to be about something specific and if possible, to have a little conflict and no doubt, to stir up some controversy, at least initially, in the minds of your readers. Find an edge and ride it.  I do not know how the number one culprit to the green environment movement could actually leave it, but my guess is that the plastic industry is doing plenty to push us into a greener economy.

Now, go to each department and explain that you are creating content for both your blog and social media that is going to allow you to promote the company by trumpeting the good that they do and you’re going to focus specifically on how plastic is going to lead the green revolution, or better, the sustainable revolution.

Now, once this machine get started, it will need to be fed constantly and so, your job will be to campaign within the company to maintain that flow of interest and passionate input.

The categories you may ask for or things like, products that we make for the industry make them promote sustainability. Another category is composed of processes that others could use in their own business that come from our mindset in order to maintain a conscious path toward sustainability. And keep thinking up other perspectives on how your company impacts sustainability and encourage them to share little pieces and little stories around those categories focused on this one specific goal.

Now, as a unit, your whole company will be projecting their voice. As this data comes in, then, develop the story that you will broadcast across the web – this is actually up to you. But know that you are now like an artist with a streaming flow of paint colors with emotion, passion, and purpose.

That paint needs to flow on the canvas in such a way that the resulting image is pleasing to what you wanted it to look like.

How to Create A Pulse from Stories

As your whole company project their voice, consider taking the stories that emerge through this process and create a live stream show, preferably a studio show. It could also be a talk show where you could be a comedian who stands before the camera and go through your content. Alternatively, it could be a game show.

When you start creating a Pulse within your company of the stories that all focus on a very specific theme, you will discover that you will create unity within the company. You’ll inspire people and tap into a higher level of productivity. In the end, you will be able to tell everyone that the stories were inside of them and all you did was build a bridge to pull them out. Create that environment like you are writing a song. Optimize it, tweak it and love it until the message resonates with true power and you will notice when it does. Your business will grow 10x, 50x, 100x.

Two of the most powerful ways to grow the company is to get clarity into getting unity and when you engineer clarity and unity together, the fundamental laws of the universe align and energy flows with less effort.

So, if you can create a heartbeat within the company, you can make people within the company “famous” and feel heard by empowering them to tell their story and doing the work to get that story heard in the context of a bigger story which is that, both the plastics industry and the impact they are having on the world. What happens is that the subtexts start to flow.

Things like love and forgiveness, hope and faith, joy and peace, truth and honesty and such good feelings emanate. These things are of a good report and when they start to resonate within your company, they will naturally spill over into your audience.

You are not in the business of reaching out and selling to people, you’re in the business of inspiring the tribe and those around you, so you can attract and retain the kind of people you want to do business with.

If you’ve got this program working and created followers, and the people in your company started sharing their best ideas in tiny little pieces across your blog, the connections you would make will make your job much easier.

Once you get this content machine created and it starts to be successful for you, we are your partner to amplify that content by repurposing it and turning it into multiple formats for distribution across digital channels. You can then leverage our optimization strategies to turn your Content Marketing into a never-ending revenue stream.

The best part is, you won’t have to spend as much because your content will be naturally tuned and it will be far more compelling than production content.

This is probably not what you expected, but this is where content is going. It has to come straight from the heart in real time and the best way to capture that is for you to build that bridge and make it fun, rewarding and individualized to each person who contributes.

I look forward to seeing what you will create!

– James Craddock