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The choice to hire James Craddock was one of the better decisions of my business career.

From the moment I brought him on, until the completion of the project, James was a pleasure to work with. He always pushed me beyond my own perceived limitations, gave me creative and innovative solutions to various problems, was a quick thinker, and a wise council. I have no hesitations in recommending him, and would be eager to work with him again. James and his crew at KEY Difference Media were very instrumental in the success of our projects.

- Robert L. Cunningham (Photographer)

James is a master of his craft.

The depth of his knowledge in marketing & business development can't be overstated. I put him in the category with many of the masters in development. I highly suggest you surround yourself with assets such as James & KDM.

- Chris Howlett (Business Development Coach)

This stuff is mind-blowing James.

You've done so much with what you've had to work with. This will evolve into a spectacular platform. I really believe we have the pieces coming together to build a grand enterprise. Thank you for all of this and for teaming up with me to help carry this down the field. Let's get that touchdown.

- Brooks Anderson (President, Artifact Timber Company LLC)

Holy cow!

You are the real deal Mr. Craddock.

- Rod Smith (Cofounder Helping Hands For Freedom)

I have the highest respect for James and for the work he does.

James Craddock is an inventor. A tirelessly creative inventor of new models designed to help us experience a greater understanding of our own inner workings as human beings and the world around us…I have the highest respect for James and for the work he does. I highly encourage you to read his book. It may very well change your life forever.

- Steven Memel (Hollywood Voice & Presence Coach)

Amazing creativity and laser-like focus.

Having worked with James Craddock on product development, from concept to fruition, I can attest to his amazing creativity and laser-like focus.

- Steven Hartov (New York Times Best-Selling Author

Perfect Rainmaker!

Stick with James, he's a Rainmaker.

- David T. Fagan (Co-Author of "Guerrilla Rainmakers" with Jay Conrad Levinson)

This is life changing stuff!

The indomitable James got right in my face, relentlessly going after the bottom line transformation I bring to the world. He was kind, in that way that says “I’m not letting up until you friggin’ get this!”

He helped me get clear that I create profits and improve ROI (return on investment.)

I hadn’t “gotten” that and boy do I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me to figure out your bottom line transformation!

I knew he was on track when I thought I would throw up, my Fear Gremlin was having a heyday, my stomach was rolling and I couldn't stop crying and dancing around the house at the same time.

This is life changing stuff!

It wasn’t comfortable. Can’t say it was “fun” but boy oh boy, was it a gift beyond measure.

Talk about life changing!

- “MamaRed” Jerilynne Knight (Legally Lazy Business Owner and Repurposing Guru)

Thank youuu!

I was very impressed by your company-- I sensed a high level of integrity...

- Christin N Hunt (Hunt Vocal Talent)


The energy that James brings to our business is astounding!

- Dr. Tare (Chiropractor Gilbert, AZ)

It's a personal promise to give you all the best in the world that you truly deserve.

James Craddock