Recycle Marketing Content for More Viewers, Lesser Expense

Apr 10

Content marketing is now itself a massive market. Its revenue this year is expected to close in on £200 billion globally and is believed to continue its current growth to surpass $300 billion within a few years. Many brands see the potential of this and each one of them finds their own positives and negatives for reaching their audience. In an online world full of multiple media formats, their real struggle isn’t discovering a way of getting the content out there – it is more about getting themselves heard in the crowd.

In tackling this, many marketers struggle to accurately predict the results of any marketing operation and the challenge of cost efficiency is very high. Often they will proactively rely heavily on a hit and miss approach, in an effort to be effective in this market. The problem is that with so many variables to analyze and the constant evolution that takes place, it really becomes labor-intensive, often, unfortunately, ending up becoming a time-wasting task for the marketing department.

So, how can you minimize the rising promotions budget?

How can you reduce this highly-priced, yet inevitable process, into a sustainable budget?

Simple: recycle your content.

What Does It Mean to Repurpose Marketing Content?

Reusing is a solution that seems to be a feature of modern life. With concerns over global warming and efficiency, many individuals have started to recycle and regenerate all kinds of materials. Reusing content is just as effective by simply repurposing the work that you have already invested in.

Repurposing is kind of like recycling. You’re not conserving any trees, but, by reusing content, you can save a lot of money.

In repurposing, you take one piece of material and make copies of it for different media formats. Each copy is structured and formatted in a different way. By producing your message on different media you can gain the interest of customers in ways that they can consume easier.

Why Do You Need to Recycle Your Archived Materials?

Not everyone has the same desire to consume any particular type of content. To attract the attention of a wide range of customers, you must be able to showcase your ideas in contrasting ways.

Recycling content also conserves budget.

You may have some materials that are really informative, important and creative, that are great pieces of content in a particular format. You might have outstanding content that already exists! But it is not engaging viewers as effectually as before because it has become a bit old, and it not as interesting to them any more.

Repurpose your stale content to make it unique, interesting and fresh!

You can repurpose a single piece of content into:

  • A blog post to gain viewers
  • A white paper to give it a professional, dignified, and more original look
  • A social post to interact with your audience
  • A slideshow to make it less difficult and quicker to read
  • An infographic to make it info-rich and brief
  • A video graphic for people who dislike reading

Imagination and some essential marketing skills are all that you need. With each unique look, you are not only enlarging your audience but also cutting back on your content marketing budget.

The Advantages of Repurposing

Not only can you make it more attractive for the consumer, you can also take advantage of repurposing for the following benefits:

  1. Minimize content writing time
    Well, this can easily be seen since you’re creating at least 5 different content items from a single original one. Recycling a piece of content takes less time than producing one out of the blue.
  2. Increased viewership
    If you can’t get some customers via your blog post, why not try social media? Still not working? An interesting video could prove more interesting. You’re more likely to get someone interested.
  3. Minimal budget
    There are many different items suitable for your marketing campaign that can be recreated by simply rearranging their structure, reducing expense.
  4. Prolonged life of content
    You create evergreen marketing content by posting it repeatedly – in new ways, of course.

Marketing content is an investment in terms of both time and money. Make it count! Recycle your marketing content to extend its life and increase its effectuality.

Repurposing marketing content can be really advantageous, if done cleverly. What methods work for you? Do you have any unique or creative ideas? Share your thoughts with us!