Repurpose Your Blog to Social Media Content

Mar 08

Marketing requires a lot of time, dedication, and expertise. To market effectively, you need to use multiple channels. You need to multitask. You need to manage blogs, infographics, social media content, emails, and so much more.

Handling multiple marketing mediums can easily wear you out. There comes a time when you’re simply out of ideas or time. To make this rollercoaster ride a little smoother for yourself, try repurposing.

What’s Repurposing?

Do you simply adore some of your work? Are there some masterpieces in your content store? Why don’t you reuse them? Recycling is an effective way to combat content stagnation and keep your audience engaged.

With a little bit of tweaking and rewriting, you can renew your old content. You can turn an e-book into multiple blog posts. You can even create a series of interesting emails out of it.

What’s more, you can create slides through a blog or squeeze out a social media post. Using one piece of content to make several others is what repurposing is all about.

Use Blogs to Create Social Media Content

It’s always a great idea to coordinate your marketing campaigns with social media. With frequent posts, you can keep your customers engaged and entertained. That’ll keep you on top of their mind.

Creating posts, however, takes more effort than it seems. To keep your readers engaged, you need to be very frequent with your posts. Otherwise, you’ll be just another inactive and boring account that few people pay attention to, let alone purchase from.

To reduce time and effort, use old blog posts or new ones to create short, social media friendly posts. Afraid the repetition might turn your audience off? The numbers say otherwise. Sharing recycled content with your audience can, in fact, increase engagement by 75%!

By repurposing blog content and using them for social media campaigns you can:

  • Research titles that work the best
  • Reach out to a greater audience
  • Hit audience living in different time zones

Show Me How!

“Never waste leftovers” should be the motto of your life from now on. To help you live up to your dreams, here are a few tips and tricks!

  • Narrow it down – So, you posted a long, nice blog post. You had many readers. But, don’t think about posting the whole thing on your social media account.
    Instead, focus on those awesome, tweetable quotes. Choose some special phrases from the post that you (and your audience) particularly liked. Or, share that compelling snapshot story.
    If your readers like what you’re sharing, you can redirect them to longer, more involved content.
  • Show off those interesting images – Did you add some interesting images in your blog post? Don’t let that go to waste. Get more juice out of it!
    Share your images with your readers. Always add a tagline (with strategically placed keywords) to explain them. A sentence or two from the actual blog post will make it even more shareable.
  • Summarize all your hard work – Keep your readers well-informed about your work. It’s completely okay to share what you’ve posted regularly. You can round up a month’s work to keep everyone on board.
  • Now, tell them again – Maybe some of your readers missed a post. Or maybe they get interested in it the first time. Hit them again with a fresh post telling them the same thing in a different way. Or just leave a tweet asking if they’ve checked your blog out.

Marketing is all about herding good customers and that takes a lot of energy and time. Why waste precious efforts? Make it easy for yourself and repurpose!

How effective do you think repurposing a blog post into a social media post can turn out to be? Share with us!