Repurposed Content Is Queen

May 14

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘content is king’ a million times.

In today’s digital era, it’s a cliche – one of those once meaningful comments that everyone agrees with but no one thinks about. However, what most people planning a content marketing strategy undermine and ignore is their already written content. Once they’ve got something on their blog or website, it can be forgotten, and new content must be written in order to engage their audience.

This is where they make a tragic mistake that we see far too often in companies’ content strategies. It’s the age of innovation and preservation. Old content can be reused in different forms and be remarketed – repurposed – as new content, with incredible success. This is what makes relevant, repurposed content ‘queen’.

Building Your Brand with Repurposed Content

Here are a few reasons why content that is relevant and repurposed is important.

Stay Appealing and Relevant

When repurposing your content, you can handpick the most appealing and relevant content you’ve got – the stuff your audience really wants to hear.

Just because something has been written a long time ago does not mean that it has lost relevance or appeal. The cyberspace is expanding with additional users by the minute. Take posts that were a hit in the past and bring them to a totally different cyber generation. Market to different audiences. You know what works, stick with it!

Resell, Resell, Resell

The main purpose of all content is to sell. If you manufacture a product or provide some services, you are trying to sell that through content. If you are generally writing interesting content, then you might be trying to sell advertisement space on your website. Repurposed content is a good reminder of why users are using a certain product, service or visiting a certain website.


There is a reason why teachers repeat what they are teaching again and again. For that very reason, repurposed content can act as revision of the information you imparted before. Sure, you’ll have a few dedicated followers who got what you were saying the first time. But your average internet user has a short attention span and a short memory – it’s up to you to keep your brand constantly in front of them.

Save Money

As far as new content is concerned, good content is hard to come by and can be very expensive too. If you repurpose already existing content, you are saving time, effort and money.

Reframing to Stay Relevant

Content that has been written way back can be reused, introduced in new context. The digital world is changing at a very fast pace. The same information can be skewed a bit and presented as an updated form. That popular market update you wrote in 2014? Keep the frame, swap some numbers, and you have your 2015 industry report.

All new updates or developments are usually discussed immediately before or after they are released. So, time repurposed content accordingly for maximum exposure.

Choose Your Content Wisely

When repurposing content, you don’t crazy and start rehashing all your old, mediocre posts from the past.  Choose posts that did really well and repurpose those. This way, you know you’re going to be presenting content that your audience is going to like.

With so many benefits associated with repurposed content, it is a shame that this strategy is often overlooked in favour of more expensive and strenuous alternatives.

Do you want to learn how to repurpose your content? Are you trying to repurpose content, but not sure if you’re doing it right? Contact us NOW for a free consultation and we’ll help you with a hand-crafted content marketing strategy that will wow your audience and blast your competitors out of the water.