Here Is How You Can Dominate The Web For Your Clients!

Systematically Create The Authority That Leads To Higher Profits

You know, SEO, Social Media and responsive websites are only a sliver of what a client needs to get more attention, more leads, and more money.

They need a way to talk to and with their customers–without shouting, “Come buy my stuff!”

Real people want multiple perspectives. Videos, audios, infographics, instructographics, white papers, slide decks, image quotes in social media, ALL OF IT...

Content marketing is critical to any effective marketing suite of services, and that’s why:

76% of a CMO’s plan to increase their content marketing budgets and 72% of them believe content marketing is the new SEO.

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Content Marketing can be broken down into 5 areas.

Of these, where do you focus your attention?


Content Creation

Content Repurposing

Content Syndication (Strategic distribution)

Content Amplification/Re-Targeting/Native Ads

If your agency isn’t able to deliver a done-for-you PROVEN system that clearly and effectively tackles all 5 steps—you’re leaving money on the table and doing your clients a disservice.

Our recent work with CISCO’s campaign is an example of this.

  • We took 3 sales brochures (content assets) from the client
  • Our team then repurposed these into 113+ high quality content pieces (matching branding guidelines)
  • Built 50 tier-1 distribution accounts
  • Created 2525+ new traffic generating live links.

In short... the client came in with just a few content pieces, but now has 2525 professional, keyword rich, staggered and strategically posted content pieces, which nets ultra-targeted traffic for him… in droves.

Now, imagine that was one of your customers. See what I'm getting at?

You can partner with us and re-package our services to your audience...and even use your own branding.​

Look at everything an alignment with our product does for your agency

  • We are better than the best content experts out there, we make you look good!
  • You can leverage our success to impress your clients with conversion stats.
  • We provide you with such a powerful solution, it enhances everything else you do.
  • ​We offer your agency an extended workforce of 350 personnel.
  • ​We provide you with a high level of quality control.

​Marketing Tools You Can Private Label

  • Case Studies
  • Landing Pages
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Example Assets
  • Custom Price Lists
  • Client Contract Template
  • and more!

Now imagine what you will be able to claim you can do for your client!

  • Greater Conversion Rates
  • Premium Branded Content
  • Insightful Reports
  • Over 5000 new pieces of fresh content to drive traffic and sales every month
  • Omniscient Organic Presence
  • Competition-Crushing Exposure
  • Domination of Google’s Front Page
  • Consistent submission of content to over 60 top social media platforms

This isn't a sales pitch, we are not selling to you. We are inviting you to partner with us to take the most powerful Content Marketing Platform out there and make it part of your arsenal!

Take a look at what makes us so unique and effective

  • We pull content from their sites, you do not even need to procure it for us
  • We are experts at knowing the upside and downside to each type of content
  • We provide training, packaging support and a U.S. contact
  • Did I mention we know our stuff?!

​We have a highly trained and specifically instructed staff contributors

  • Graphics Designers
  • Writers
  • Audio Engineers
  • Videographers
  • Story Writers
  • Translators
  • Voice over artists
  • Digital Marketers

The list goes on and on…

To see if this is for your agency, begin by registering for our Reseller Domination Kit to determine for yourself the opportunity that lies ahead.​

Reseller Domination Kit

6 components you will receive in this Key Difference Media Reseller Domination Kit

  • Our Whitepaper on what we do to make Content Marketing so powerful for our clients
  • A Whitepaper on our specific process for dominating the search engines and social platforms… (This alone could give you the necessary insight to become a powerhouse content marketer.)
  • A number of Case Studies to show you what and how we have turned client after client into success stories.
  • The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist to create an organized and effective marketing process.
  • Our NDA
  • Our Reseller Agreement

How We Support You

Branded Landing Pages

Sales and Marketing Training

Content for Email Campaigns

Still not convinced?

Check out our pricing…

  • We price our service at 1/5th the price of the US market.​
  • Agencies can typically markup between 2x and 10x

Want More?

For qualified agencies, our Premium product 4DStory™ with Story Integrated Marketing® technology is available for resale.

​4DStory campaigns not only drive traffic but they bring fame, new revenue streams, and networking potential to your clients with the power of a Hollywood movie!

​At the click of a button you could also have the resources of over 22 marketing services at your disposal. How fast can you say: Overnight Success!

​Stop reading and start reaping… the Rewards of a partnership with

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