Startup Content Amplification For Influencer Marketing That Leads To Early-Adoption Frenzy

Avoiding startup failure means accessing the     early-adopter market via influencer marketing, always during pre-product launch.

Many startups invest heroic effort in product development, sometimes with user feedback, but the most successful startups take that opportunity to also build their influencer profile for rapid      early-market adoption when the time is right for launch.

The concept of a ‘minimum viable product’ puts marketing as center stage of startup launch because you only confirm viability of a successful launch via marketing.

The pain though, is that ‘marketing’ is complicated. A plethora of variables conspire to derail the best of intentions.

None the less, that market-facing exposure can be codified, streamlined and

KEY Difference Media (KDM) makes it happen for clients ranging from information products through to investment trading technology. And here’s a top-level outline of the KDM startup protocol.


Request our content amplification for startup guide, with over x strategies, tools, and resources that will let you exceed the startup launch phase adoption rate in your market.

Phase 1: Influencer Outreach

Announce your startup vision as a matter of urgency to likely influencers. Give the job to a copywriter and outreach manager. Have them prepare a draft media kit, press release, product one-sheet, video interview, or other piece of core content that tells the current story of your startup.

Don’t get trapped by perfectionism. Wanting things to be right before doing any outreach is wholly antithetical to the spirit of entrepreneurial startup.

Your influencer outreach messaging should be aspirational, revelatory, exemplifying the hero’s journey in subtle ways by identifying the problem your startup is here to solve. Influencers love to catch wind of a new story before anyone else. That’s exactly what makes them influencers. So give them the best possible chance of breaking a worthy story and becoming emotionally invested in your startup journey by letting them participate in your first iteration marketing.

Phase 2: Innovator Involvement

Beyond the circle of key influencers come the thin slither of the market we all call innovators. Here, your content needs to be passed to them first of all via the Influencer Outreach you have begun. Allow the influencers to introduce the innovators to your fledgling branded social profiles. And be thorough. Don’t just send them a twitter link to a profile with only 3 tweets. That’s not going to hook anyone’s attention.

Your social profiles need to have a collection of worthy content items that begin to tell the story of your startup.

You may wonder, ‘where on Earth are we going to get all this content from?’.

Take the core content item you prepared for Influencer Outreach, and amplify it through re-purposing into multiple assets.

For example: An edited interview video can become the source material for video clips, image quotes, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram and Pinterest images, and more.

Let this phase of marketing be about conversation. Reciprocate by promoting influencers. Include their @ handles in tweets to say ‘thanks for sharing us on your blog’ while linking to the page on their site where your story is published.

There are literally dozens of simple ways to approach this. Not something the startup core team should spend lots of time on, but absolutely something to get done via internal marketing resources or a content marketing agency.

Phase 3: Early-Adopter Launch

Believe it or not, given the small amount of energy invested into the first 2 phases, you now have a highly leverageable platform for your early-adopter marketing.

The goal is now three-fold:

Be Relevant

Be Everywhere

Be Engaging

This is KDM’s speciality and what has made us the go-to source of agencies all around the world who produce quality content and then rely on us to re-purpose and syndicate it for maximum outreach.

Request our content amplification for startup guide, with over x strategies, tools,
and resources that will let you exceed the startup launch phase adoption rate in your

First, we take the marketing assets produced by your team or main agency and re-purpose that content into multiple assets for use on different channels in an extended drip-campaign.

Relevant content tells your story in bite-sizes pieces that accumulate over time:

Highlighting the problem

Hinting at the solution discovered

Building anticipation for the upcoming solution

Finally making a grand launch once the existing followers and beta testers are chomping at the bit.

Inviting signups for beta or trial or pre-release

Describing features and benefits of the imminent solution

This makes it very easy to maximize ROI on your existing investment in high-quality content by multiplying its reach, allowing you to ‘be everywhere’ that your audience visits online, while using a gated approach to content marketing that builds maximum exposure and interest in the early-adopter market.

If executed in good time well before launch, the audience will be ready when it’s time for launch.

Bizible surveyed hundreds of B2B marketers, many of who are in Tech/SaaS startups, and found that content marketing is the top channel for startup revenue impact in the tech industry. From KDM’s experience with many startup clients, we know this to also be true across multiple startup types.

Here are three client examples

See our case studies page for more details and more examples.

Contact us today about your pre-launch marketing phase and we’ll tailor make a content amplification service that perfectly aligns with your launch.

Why Content Marketing Works So Well For Startups

  • Content marketing is more effective and cheaper than traditional PR
  • Content stimulates conversation in between key influencers and early-adopters
  • Content builds your profile as a thought leader within your target audience
  • Content marketing provides a scaleable model for growth from pre-launch through to mainstream market penetration
  • Content is a highly valued brand asset in buy-outs


Request our content amplification for startup guide, with over x strategies, tools, and resources that will let you exceed the startup launch phase adoption rate in your market.

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