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The  Hands behind our Magic

Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY)

Chief Executive Officer

Started his journey on entrepreneurship at the age of 14 and before turning 20 he has forayed himself into various business ventures, which are only seeing the taste of success with his innovative strategies and commendable marketing ideas. KEY has helped business from startups to Fortune 100's.

James Craddock

Client Relationship Officer

Adept at integrating the power of story into any message, James forges thought models into technology using data driven tools, sales, merchandising, marketing, service elements, entertainment concepts and more; this approach empowers him to infuse massive leverage into any business model, using content marketing as his vehicle for success.

Yaroslav Belkin

Director - Blockchain and ICO

Head Of Marketing at Cointelegraph Events. 10+ years of experience in digital marketing with more than 70 projects for world's leading brands. Complex ICO marketing experience, blockchain enthusiast. Extensive experience in PR and GR, marketing strategy consulting for major US, European and Asian companies.

Chireya (Laura Fox) Fox

ICO & Cryptocurrency Marketing

ICO Launch and Crypto Marketing Specialist Chireya K. Fox brings amazing results to crypto-startups across the globe, focusing on hopeful startups looking to change the world. As a Consultant, Chireya has over 30 years of experience in helping CEOs & Businesses transform.

Phyllis Smith

Director of Business Strategy & Technology

Phyllis Smith is a Strategic Business, Technology and Relationship Capital professional with over 30 years of proven corporate executive experience. She connects companies with resources in over 90 countries and 108 international agencies.

Jeremy Long

Director of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances

Jeremy Long is a renowned International Joint Venture Broker with an unapparelled track record of success in putting together partnerships for Multi-Million and Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations, Organizations and Individuals around the world.

Larry Lewis

ICO & Cryptocurrency Sales

Over his long career in Sales and Marketing. Larry has built from concept to production, many elite sales teams while actively overseeing and managing millions of dollars a week in revenue. In his role as Partnership Facilitator, Larry has worked with multi-million and multi billion dollar global companies like Rakuten, Ingersoll Rand, Paypal, and many others including prestigious former members of Tony Robbins inner circle.

Daniel Hindley

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dan has always focused on performance. Having worked with some of the biggest brands, through to small local business, he helps create engaging digital experiences that improve return on investment and exceed expectations. Analytics/Data is his secret weapon.

Shawn Du'Mmett

Project Manager & Chief Content Officer

Ambitious, energetic and skilled project manager, with over two decades of experience. Has a decade of experience in Content Engineering & Sculpting and manages content team with the touch of both science and art to it. Oh, did we say that he is an expert in Process Management, Documentation, Coding, Diverse global teams specification and 326 other skills?

Denise O'Brien

Public Relations Expert

Denise O'Brien provides global film-funding opportunities and innovative communications, branding and public relations strategies to filmmakers, corporations, producers, authors, speakers, actors, fashion designers and musicians. A Producer, Public Relations Expert, and Communication Strategist, Denise is also an award-winning celebrity in Hollywood.

Rodney Smith

Non Profit Strategist & Consultant

Charitable Giving Strategist and ex-‪NFL‬ player with 30 years of experience in ‪‎Financial‬ Markets‬ and ‎Cause‬ ‎Marketing‬ Strategies. Rodney can share with clients his extensive knowledge in charitable giving as it relates to 501c3 Non-Profit Organizations, Private Foundations, and Donor Advisory Funds.

Gisella Gonzales

Business Turnaround Expert

If you want to get unstuck, Gisella is the person. Event production, promotion, staffing, non profit fund raising and many other skills in her arsenal. With 2 decades of experience in running Radio Shows/Podcasts, she is the Queen of Media.

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