The Power Of Consistency Is Found In The Consistency of Powerful Content

Mar 24

When the Content Marketing Institute speaks, people tend to listen… and here they are preaching the most valid message in Content Marketing today.  Consistency!

The word “consistency” actually has two definitions.  One refers to conformity in the application of something while the other speaks more to the viscosity of a substance.  When it comes to content marketing, I believe both definitions hold water… so to speak.

Regular dispensing of quality content, properly branded with a call to action on each piece, brings leads in from social networks and search engines to the top of your sales funnel.  That consistent content engrains your message, your purpose and your value in the minds of your prospects.  The human psyche is designed to appreciate consistency in this way – that’s why television programming is formatted, religious services are structured and daily habits are formed by the successful professional.

Consistency in a liquid, however, speaks to the thickness and its ability to hold together.  Think about content in this way.  What does a regular dose of your brilliance do in the minds of prospects tuning in to your message?  It creates layers upon layers of trust and appreciation.  It forms bonds of empathy and relativity to them in their own lives as the various perspectives of your content begin to lay across the conscious thoughts of your audience with all the stickiness of a good maple syrup.

Inc Magazine has suggested that there are 5 specific reasons consistency produces power.  I list them here and then comment on them with respect to content marketing.  

  1. Consistency Allows for Measurement:  Every marketer understands the power of analytics.  One of the greatest revolutions during the dawn of the Internet was the ability to monitor real-time metrics and compare them against accumulated metrics. But the only way to collect this data is to analyze content that is published with consistency.
  2. Consistency Creates Accountability: When we consider the invisible laws of influence that contribute to long term success, accountability is one that ranks right up there with focus, service and honesty.  Accountability in the minds of your prospects creates trust.  They feel they can read you and are more likely to believe you when they see consistent content that maintains its integrity because consistency means you are voluntarily subjecting you and your brand to being held accountable.
  3. Consistency Establishes Your Reputation:  After all, what is a brand but a name and what’s in a name… Everything!  It’s a representation of your beliefs, your style, how you show up in the world and what you’re all about.  Content that is consistent with its fonts, colors, style and message will undoubtedly prove to be a powerful brand builder in the minds of its viewers.
  4. Consistency Makes You Relevant:  We have two types of Content Delivery mechanisms at Key Difference Media.  The primary program is meant to drive traffic and promote content in an active way.  The second is easier on the budget. Although it isn’t enough to forcefully drive traffic, it does provide relevancy.  Instead of dripping content out every other day, our relevancy package only drips it out once a month.  But why does it work to keep you relevant?  Because it’s consistent… month after month after month.  Ever heard the term, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind?”
  5. Consistency Maintains Your Message:  What is your product or service?  It doesn’t really matter because everything in the market is subject to one thing: results.  Whatever you do or sell, you must get results in order to prove your value and an underpinning to value is the maintenance of your message.  Whether the social airwaves are filled with rhetoric of failure and poor customer service or singing your praises, your content gets adopted as your message and becomes the core of how you are perceived.  A consistent flow of quality content can go a long way to defeat negative feedback.  Look at YouTube.  Ever see a successful viral video that didn’t have at least 10% of their voting be thumbs down?  That’s because it is in our human nature to be critical, even of perfection.  However, consistency of content is brilliant at exposing those critics and deposing them of their power.

If time and consistency are so critical to your success of marketing on the web, imagine the leverage you will have when these two elements are on your side.  

How do you get there?  Get started today!  By partnering with Key Difference Media to handle the difficult aspect of repurposing, formatting and distributing your content, you can rest assured, the power and profitability of consistency is on your side.

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