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The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Content Marketing

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Helping people doesn't have to be an unsound financial strategy. - Melinda French Gates

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To succeed as a nonprofit, it’s not businesses, corporations, or organizations that you need to reach out to. It’s the people.

Within the top 50 charities alone, Individuals make up to 90% of contributions. Charities must be able to reach those individuals - not as a group or a demographic, but as people.

The problem is, as more nonprofits begin to appear, these people are hit repeatedly by hundreds to thousands of causes and charities demanding their attention.

The number of public charities is up over 50 percent, from about 643,000 in 2000 to more than 1.5 Million today.

As a nonprofit battling for your cause, you face an increasingly important issue: how do you reach people and motivate them to become part of your movement?

The answer is simple: content.

And not just any content.... Content that creates conversations. Content that makes up campaigns. If you want to make a difference in the world, you must be able to create the content that brings people together, motivating them to support your cause.

Your campaigns should be formed out of this content - arranged and targeted to impact the people who can align with your nonprofit and create a difference.

Part 1

New Donor Awareness Campaigns

No matter where you are on your nonprofit journey, you should always keep awareness campaigns, focused on creating new donors, at the forefront of your mind.

These are about the people who may already know about your cause - may even have supported it before - but have never contributed to your nonprofit.

Before you can ask them to donate, you need to build a relationship. How do you build that relationship? Again - content.

The Three Questions

Every nonprofit must answer three questions. Addressing these is what your campaign content will be built around. They are at the forefront of every potential donor’s mind, and how you answer them will determine whether or not they will be interested in even pursuing a relationship with you, let alone donating.

1. What is the struggle?

Your struggle is more than just your cause. It’s the battles you face as a nonprofit, and that others supporting you are getting involved in. It’s the daily grind and the big picture. Who are you trying to help? What are you trying to do? What’s stopping you? How are you getting past it?

There’s something about the visual that brings a situation home. Pictures, videos, graphics - use these to your advantage. Don’t just tell people what’s happening. Show them.

Never assume that your audience knows exactly what’s going on. Even if yours is a well-known cause, don’t brush over the problems you’re addressing. In fact, drive home those problems. Play them out in full color and don’t skip the details.

Tell them your daily battles and your triumphant victories as you fight for what your nonprofit believes in.

2. What is the opportunity?

Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to explaining what people can do to help. Be clear, simple, and to the point.

How can your donors best support you? What do you need, and why do you need it?

Prioritize being honest with your donors. Bring up your daily goals, and ask specific requests. Explain the situation and what you need from the people who care.

3. What is the impact?

When all’s said and done, what people want to know is what you - and, more importantly they - are accomplishing. No one wants to have a relationship with a slacker. Are you actually making a difference? Are you fulfilling your promises?

Many charities will focus on the negative. They constantly bring up the struggle that’s happening in their cause and never showcase the positive aspect - their successes. Nonprofit marketing does not need to be negative. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to scare or guilt your donors into supporting you - you want them to get behind you because of the positive change you’re accomplishing.

Bring up stories of how you are accomplishing good work in the areas you’re involved in. Mention names, thank people for the hard work they’ve put into helping your cause. Highlight examples. We communicate best through story, and it’s the stories of success - your success in impacting people’s lives, and your donors’ success - that brings charitable giving to life.

Who You Are

When you’ve addressed your struggle, your opportunities, and your impact, you’ve developed an inspiring picture for potential donors. But to build any good relationship, you need to be more than just the sum of your parts.

A great nonprofit has a vision. Not just for your cause, or the areas you’re involved in - but a world vision. You have an identity. You’ve probably heard the term before .... it’s your brand. You can get people passionate about a cause, you can bring them along beside you, but if they don’t care about you as a brand, then you haven’t created the relationship you need.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Pull back the curtain on your inner workings. Be relatable.

Although you’re working to showcase your cause, you can’t forget to showcase yourself as well.

How are you different?

A large part of defining who you are is defining who you aren’t. Frequently, you’ll be struggling for the attention of potential donors who are faced with numerous charities and nonprofits asking for their support. What makes you unique?

What’s your vision?

Your cause will always naturally be a part of your content and strategy. However, what many nonprofits fail to address is their vision. When all is said and done, you can’t just be fighting what’s wrong in the world. You need to have an idea of what’s right in the world. What are your ideals?

Not only will your vision bring your struggle to life, it will also help your organization understand exactly what you’re fighting for.

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