Inspire Your Market in 2017 with a Transformational Content Marketing Symphony

You Already Produce Excellent Content. The Next Growth Challenge Is Amplifying Your Content Campaigns Through Transformational Re-Purposing & Socially Conscious Syndication

Content Marketing Is Not Enough


Today's consumer sees through thinly-veiled attempts at pushing content at them from all angles. 


Marketing is becoming more sophisticated by the month... with re-targeting, marketing automation and more. 


Our recent review of hundreds of client campaigns revealed the strategies that realistically boost results. 

Why Transformational Content Campaigns Matter In 2017:

Be Found First

​Be found on any platform where your target audience visits, especially when they search for anything related to your organization.

Gain Viral Traffic

The best leads are warm referrals. Our amplification campaigns encourage fans and followers to share more content with their network.

Build Socially Impacting Brand Preference

A socially impacting online reputation is crucial for the new world of sustainable branding. By owning the search results on multiple platforms, you get to control how people perceive the impact of your company.

Demonstrate Value

Deliver a strong and socially impacting brand experience through multiple mediums and channels to remain front-of-mind with your key audiences.

Generate Leads

Dominating your market with amplified content means that your target audience finds you when they’re ready to engage in your customer buying process.

About KDM: Filling a crucial role in the market, KEY Difference Media is the white-label service provider behind dozens of marketing agencies for amplified content marketing. Now you can work with us directly.

The Best Practice Guide to Transformational Content Marketing In 2017

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Including Lessons Learned By The Trusted White-Label Provider Of Transformational Content Marketing Services For Dozens Of Marketing Agencies Around The World

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Transformational Amplification Happens Through:

  • Re-purposing brand assets into a greater variety and volume
  • Manually distributing those new assets on all popular platforms
  • Spiraling that reach through fan-based viral traffic

Your audience is everywhere. They’re on Instagram, Pinterest, Digg, SoundCloud, Flickr, Scribd, Vine, Imgur, Tumblr, and more. Are you?

​If you’re looking for a highly leveraged way​ to reach your audience on multiple platforms with content they like, follow and share, our straightforward content amplification services will give you the confidence and results to grow your budget.

Nuts & Bolts

So how does it work exactly?

Perhaps you have an ebook or a feature blog article. While adhering to your brand guidelines, we produce an appropriate set of additional assets based on your original, that can be used on multiple platforms, including your own site if you wish.

From infographics to videos, presentation slides to pdf files, social media quotes and images all formatted at the correct dimensions for the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

But for a Content Marketing campaign to be Transformational, it must be funded for longevity and result in a social impact that demonstrates how you give back right from the start.

We provide intelligent financing to ensure your campaign has the funding needed to go the distance. Our retention strategies & nonprofit alignments demonstrate your social impact as well.​

Transformed Content

  • Multiple content formats
  • Content selection 
  • Socially conscious integration

Transformed Reach

  • ​Intelligently funded campaigns
  • Content syndication
  • Branded profile creation

Transformed Engagement

  • Cross-platform promotion
  • Re-targeting
  • Strategic Retention

The Net Effect of Content Transformation

The success of transformational content marketing depends on content reach and social integration. We create synergy with our clients by amplifying quality content and integrating social impact into multiple formats across more platforms.

The net effect is more engaged traffic from a greater number of sources. Any site with a search engine, and anywhere that content can be shared by your audience can be a valuable source of traffic.

Transformational Content amplification moves far beyond mere SEO or social media marketing. Transformational Amplification is the future of outsourced services. And we have been doing it for agency clients for years. Now we can work directly with your. Speak to us for a tailored proposal.

The Best Practice Guide to Transformational Content Marketing In 2017

Lessons Learned By The Go-To White-Label Provider Of Transformational Content Marketing For Dozens Of Marketing Agencies Around The World.

To manage Transformational Content Marketing, you may not want granular level detail. However, you do need the big picture to control strategic direction.

This 3-Day FREE Introductory Mini-Course Empowers Managers For 2017

  • Day 1: Best Practice for Transformational Content Marketing in 2017
  • Day 2: The Team Leaders Check-list for Transformational Content Marketing Performance
  • Day 3: Key Questions To Evaluate  Your Current Strategy

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