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World Token Summit: Unlocking the Future: Unleash the Power of Tokenization

Vostad Labs is set to host the region’s premier Tokenization Summit on June 21 to 22, 2023, called  World Token Summit, organized by VOSTAD. Themed “Unlocking the Future: Unleash the Power  of Tokenization”, the event will deep dive into bringing together founders, cutting-edge tech leaders,  investors, NFT projects, metaverse, emerging crypto exchanges, blockchain projects, tokenization  solution providers and blockchain enthusiasts to deliberate on the unique perspectives and vast  opportunities in the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem.

The key highlights @ WTS 2023 are: 

• The Potential of Tokenization, Digital Assets & Investment Opportunities

• Dubai’s Crypto Industry Landscape & Regulatory Climate

• Future of DeFi & Its Regional Impact

• Web 3.0 Opportunities in The Middle East

• Building Blockchain Ecosystems for Growth

• Specialized Project Showcase Sessions

Featured Speakers at WTS: 

1. Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO, Dubai Blockchain Center

2. Nicole Purin, Deputy General Council, OKX

3. Vineet Budki, CEO of Cypher Capital

4. Shailesh Kunath, CEO, Massary Capital

5. Oliver Von Wolff, Founding CEO, Helion Ventures

6. Nick Spanos, Founder, Bitcoin Center NYC

7. Evan Luthra, Investor, Influencer, and Founder of Start-up Studio

8. Andy Lynn, Intergovernmental Blockchain Expert, and Investor

9. Pranav Sharma, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Woodstock Fund

10. James Bernard, CEO, RAK DAO and Ex-Head of Europe at DMCC

The event will be held on 21-22 June 2023, in Dubai. You can apply online at  www.worldtokensummit.com now to reserve your pass at this exclusive event, you can use coupon  code WTS30 to get the special 30% discount and contact zahid@vostad.com for the sponsorship and  exhibition opportunities.

About Vostad Vostad is a leading global event, business excellence, and industry catalyst. Which is  focused on building a connected ecosystem of industries, technology, and the future of our  community. The company is committed to delivering curated platforms for http://www.vostad.com a broad spectrum of  business sectors with relevant solutions & knowledge that they aspire for.

Contact Info: Zahid Mir

Email: zahid@vostad.com

Web: www.worldtokensummit.com 

Web: www.vostad.com


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