You Can Use Visual Content to Repurpose Your Marketing

Jan 18

It is universally understood that in order to market yourself online, you need content. It can be in the form of infographics, blogs, and podcasts. Then, there is the need to regularly update your website in order to attract traffic to it. However, how often do you get time to actually create new content?

There is a growing trend in the popularity of visual content. Many reasons can be attributed to this, including its appeal and the online audience being always in a hurry. So instead of concentrating on new written content, you can emphasize your visual content. This is why there are ways in which you can repurpose visual content.


Images can easily be turned into presentations. You may just have to add a few notes on each picture or a few slides that explain the pictures. Since presentations are supposed to be to-the-point and without redundancy, there isn’t much work required for you to do. Just add a few pointers, a main heading or purpose, and break the pictures into different parts that can be presented as a series or as statistics.


Does your content have a few pictures? Do you think you could create a video out of those and relay the information of the article in a video? There couldn’t be a better option than uploading it on YouTube where every minute almost 300 hours of videos are being uploaded and these get seen by millions of viewers, generating mobile revenue of up to 100%.


Pinterest is all about the images. Because of this you can upload your visual content to Pinterest which will open you up to a new audience. This will spread the same message in a more appealing manner.


Just like Pinterest, Flickr is another image-based social media platform. In comparison, it has a much better interface, however, their policies mean that you cannot sell anything there. This makes it the perfect place to repurpose content and sell yourself discretely, which in any case is the preferred way to make sales. Moreover, Flickr means business. It has a strong community that takes the concept seriously so if your content works there, it will most probably work everywhere.


Another way to repurpose old content is to republish it. You might not want to republish it on the same blog but perhaps get it featured on some other blog. Or create an email out of it and do some email marketing. There are many other ways in which you can repurpose the content exactly as is. You can post it on LinkedIn which would provide you with further penetration into the market.

The main motive behind repurposing content is to save time while remaining in the game. Some might say that old content will never do what new content can. They are definitely mistaken. If you regularly update old content by republishing it or spreading it via different social media platforms, your brand is sure to shine bright among the top search results.

Have you been using the same strategy? Tell us about it and how it helped you in the comments below.